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Nonprofits Thrive
Focus on your mission. Accomplish your goals. Leave the details to us.
We offer various management and administrative services to nonprofit organizations leaving staff free to fulfill their agency's mission, vision, and goals.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, email us at or call us at 888.707.2TDP

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Have an idea for a nonprofit but no idea where to start? That’s where we excel.
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Our accounting services are exclusive to non-profits and are provided by skilled & experienced accountants & bookkeepers.
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Human Resources
Led by a Chief Human Resources Officer, our full-service HR department can assist you with everything from crafting position descriptions to acting as a neutral 3rd party for conflict resolution.
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Mergers & Strategic Alliances
When two or more non-profit organizations want to partner, they can achieve better outcomes and promote their missions more efficiently.
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Donor Management
Are you tasked with handling contributions made to your organization?
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Looking for a more a la carte approach? The Difference Principle provides a bevy of consulting options to assist you in determining the needs of your non-profit.
Employer of Record
Does the size of your non-profit make negotiating benefits or processing payroll difficult and time-consuming?
Our Network
We empower our network partners to focus on achieving their goals and enhancing their communities.
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Who We Are
The Difference Principle Network operates under one primary objective – to provide evidence-backed management and administrative services to nonprofit organizations.
Recent News
100+ Fundraising Tasks for Your Nonprofit’s Board
Many nonprofit organizations struggle to engage their board members with fundraising, especially the act of asking another person for money. It is tempting to allow board members to skip fundraising, but this useful list is designed to give board members a wide range of tasks they can choose from to support the financial growth of your organization, and only a few involve directly asking for money.
Sean Kosofsky
April 3, 2022
Diversifying Your Nonprofit’s Revenue: How You Slice the Pie Matters
Revenue diversification is a hot topic, to be sure. But there are quite a few different ways to look at it and even to define it. If your nonprofit lost your largest source of revenue, would you shut your doors? How heavily do you rely on one source of funding?
Amy Sexton
March 31, 2022
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Thoughtful, talented, and compassionate leaders are essential to our success.