Outsourced Success
Providing solutions-focused efficiencies and administrative services to nonprofit organizations.
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We believe the world is a better place because of the nonprofit organizations shaping our communities.

The Difference Principle was founded for two reasons — first, to provide a home for the administrative functions of several sister organizations already in existence, and second, to create the ability for other high performing nonprofit organizations to unburden themselves from the administrative requirements of their organization so as to focus solely on fulfilling their mission statements.

We are the parent organization under which a growing number of nonprofits thrive. Our job is administrative work, leaving the staff of our network organizations free to fulfill their agency’s mission, vision, and goals. We foster multi-faceted solutions to complex social problems through collaboration, shared resource deployment, and multi-disciplinary problem solving strategies.

Within The Difference Principle, silos do not exist.

Our History
The Difference Principle was founded in 2014 by a team of executives who were tasked with overseeing several nonprofit social justice organizations.
Meet Our Executive Team
Nick Sayner, MPA
Co-Founder | Chief Executive Officer
Edward Gordon, JD
Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer
Julie Murdock, MSW, SPHR
Chief Human Resources Officer
Steve Jensen
Stacey Anick
Vice President, Business Relations
Joe Steinhaus
Vice President, Business Development
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